minimum consumption

For bigger reservations we have a minimum consumption. The amount depends on the set up of the event (from when to what time you’d like to make the reservation, which extent of Service do you expect -apart from drinks also food, Music/ DJ-requests etc.-). 


DJ / Music

Depending on the day (Friday or Saturday) there might be a Montblack-party where the DJ starts at 10:00 pm. The sooner we fix the reservation and organisation of the event the better we can manage this point and in accordance with you


Invite your Friends

In case you want to offer to your guests drinks and/ or food on your cost we can organise this: Either by time (e.g. the first hour is on you), by money limits or by amount of drinks (you get jetons which are valid for drinks).

Exclusive reservation (Closed doors)

We do exclusive reservations maximum once a month. For a lot of group sizes it doesn’t make sense to have an exclusive event (depending also on the event: private event, company event etc.). Apart from that a lot of our guests enjoy reservations with open doors and (as the case maybe) with a DJ where other people join later at night. In case you are interested in such an exclusive reservation please get in touch with us and let us know the date and group size


For details please get in touch with us via